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10 healing crystals and what they can do for you

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10 healing crystals and what they can do for you

With the year that 2020 has thrown at us, it's abundantly clear that we need the healing powers of crystals more than ever. It's true that crystals have had quite the resurgence in recent years, with everyone from our favourite creatives to successful entrepreneurs praising their benefits.

Like any new wellness practice, it's important to understand how to best incorporate its teachings into your existing routine. The key to engaging with crystals is mindfulness, reflection and acceptance; but when it comes to actually selecting the right healing crystals, it can become extremely overwhelming knowing where to start.

To help relieve some of the ambiguity, we've included 10 of our favourite healing crystals and their key benefits.

And if you want to get started on your crystal journey, we have the ultimate beginners pack over at our RUSSH store.

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