All You Need to Know About Double Terminated Crystal

All You Need to Know About Double Terminated Crystal

Double Terminated Point Crystals have been popular with psychic readings for many years. They are said to help with spiritual development and manifesting. A double terminated crystal can mean two things; one is that the point is "halfway through" or nearing the end of its vibration and another is its polarity. Double Terminated Point Crystals can be found in many gemstone circles and are used for divination and also to attract and manifest things into your life.

Details about Double Terminated Crystal

When the crystal is double terminated it means that the energy is coming in and going out, the opposite ends to each other. When you draw the crystal it will bring information back to you about an experience or a future situation that you have not fully realized yet. You can also use the double-ended crystal for protection and healing from negative energy.

Labradorite Double Terminated Crystal Point Pencil

How to Use Double Terminated Crystal

Double Terminated Crystals are an energy tool. If you would like to draw this Terminated Crystal, you will draw it by choosing the crystal that best suits you and holding it between your thumb and index finger. Try drawing the stone between your thumb and middle finger for feelings of peace, safety, security, and love. Or draw the crystal above your heart or in the top right-hand corner for a feeling of intense confidence and power. If you would like a feeling of inner peace, draw the crystal over your belly button.

Double Terminated Point Crystal for Meditation

Once you have found your Double Terminated Crystal you can now learn how to use it for meditation.

First, choose a quiet location to sit and focus on your crystal. Breathe deeply and imagine the energy centers within your body. Concentrate on releasing all energy from these centers through your nostrils and out of your mouth. Visualize the white light of the crystal moving gently through your body.

Next, draw the crystal close to your chest area and begin to fill your lungs with its power. Feel the white-hot energy center growing until it fills your entire being. Allow this pure energy to flow freely through your body, cleansing and healing any negative issues that may be lingering within your mind and spirit. Continue this meditation until you feel completely relaxed and stress-free. Once you have completed this meditation, you will notice that the heaviness of stress in your body has lessened.

Why to Buy Double Terminated Point Crystal?

Double Terminated Point Crystal is a powerful healing tool. Its ability to heal both physical and emotional ailments makes it an ideal addition to any home or workplace healing area. If you would like to buy the Double Terminated Crystal, please visit the website

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