6 Best Healing Crystals for Smoking Addiction

Best Healing Crystals for Smoking Addiction - Soothing Crystals

Smoking is a widespread addiction that shatters many people's health, finances, and social lives. Smoking causes cancer and other deadly diseases, costing the US around $100 billion per year to care for all of the sick smokers that it has produced.

Even though there is no cure for smoking addiction, healing crystals for smoking addiction can be used as a healing treatment to help people break their smoking habit. Here are some healing crystals for smoking:

What are crystals?

Crystals are rocks that have an ordered geometric structure. They are natural minerals with perfect repeating lattices of atoms throughout the entire shape. 

They can be made from a single mineral or combinations like diamonds that form out of carbon only. Quartz is one example-it's found in many crystals and quartz healing stones such as Tiger’s Eye gemstones!

How do recovery crystals work to prevent addiction?

Crystals can be used as a form of healing for both the body and mind. Quartz is an essential stone in crystal healing methodology because it generates electricity from rubbing two crystals together at night or while wearing dark clothes, leading to tiny sparks. It would illuminate your path if you were blindly following them with no light.

Those who have experienced this first-hand report seeing bright lights only upon nearing completion after having been lost inside what felt like endless darknesses where all other things seemed eerily silent until then!

Smoking Addiction: How healing crystals can help

Smoking addiction is one of the easiest addictions to quit because cigarettes have such dangerous side effects. The smoke from cigarettes harms every part of the mouth and lungs and causes blood vessels to constrict, so healing crystals can be used to open up and heal those areas.

Healing crystals can be used to protect the lungs from being damaged by the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke.

Smoking addiction healing crystals are used for healing, protection, and open chakras, so healing stones for smoking are perfect tools to use during the quitting process.

Different healing crystals have other effects on people's bodies, so it is essential to pick healing crystals that are best suited for each individual person's healing needs.

Lepidolite: The soothing way of being addiction free

According to lepidolites' legend, lepidolite is a stone of transition, helping people change their lives through uncovering lepidolite's psychic gifts, such as the ability to cut through the confusion and assist in accessing memories that otherwise seem difficult to reach (this may be why lepidolite can help with addiction).

The lepidolite for addiction treatment works by breaking down the barriers between conscious and subconscious thought; it allows you to be more aware of your actions without feeling like you're being watched.

Lepidolite can effectively help fight against addition due to soothing vibrations and the ability to rid of negative energy. Lepidolite's vibrations are said to help overcome addictions by soothing and helping release anger and old emotions.

Citrine Crystal: The Happiness Stone

Citrine is a yellow-orange mineral crystal that protects its wearer from negative energy and restores vitality and vigor after exhaustion makes the user feel tired or worn out. Citrine can also help increase self-confidence, which is necessary when quitting smoking because one of the side effects of the addiction is feeling like a burden to other people and an inability to do things for oneself.

Smoke Spirit: A healing stone for smokers

Smoke spirit healing crystals are excellent to use to help people stop smoking because these particular healing crystals have intense energies that fight off the cravings and urges felt by cigarette addicts.

healing stone for smokers - recovery crystals - Soothing Crystals

Smoke spirit healing crystals for smoking addiction can also help calm anxiety about quitting smoking. Still, it is essential not only to place smoke spirit healing stones around one's home but also to wear them so they can constantly work on helping reinforce new habits.

Carnelian for addiction remedy

Nowadays, though, medical experts are still not too sure what exactly carnelian does. However, scientists have so far been able to conclude that it is a natural sedative and painkiller, as well as a helpful agent in the treatment of problems such as muscle spasms or cramps.

The ancient Greeks were the first Westerners to discover how carnelian could be used as a therapeutic tool in medicine. The gemstone influence the mind to overcome addiction by overpowering the urges to get into harmful habits. It also helps to releases stress and anger inside the mind.

Lava Rock: A gift from mother earth herself

Lava rock energy healing stones are grounding stones, so they stabilize one's body, mind, and emotions, which helps the healing process in general. Lava rock help smokers learn how to relax without lighting up a cigarette when they are stressed, upset, or angry.

Lava rock healing crystals for smoking addiction can be one of the hardest parts of quitting smoking because nicotine is an extremely addictive drug that causes anxiety when one tries to stop using it.

Lavastone healing crystals are excellent healing stones for healing emotional problems caused by smoking addiction and emotional trauma that has been sustained due to years spent with cigarettes.

Rhodonite: The calm-before-the-storm stone

Rhodonite is a pink healing crystal that works best on people who have high levels of stress in their lives. Hence, rhodonite's calming energy helps protect against cravings for cigarettes when someone feels overwhelmed by day-to-day pressures.

Rhodonite healing stones are excellent for healing the emotional trauma sustained due to smoking addiction because rhodonite can help soothe anger, frustration, and sadness that have been bottled up from trying to quit smoking cigarettes while suffering from nicotine withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

Healing crystals for smoking addiction can be a powerful tool when quitting smoking. Still, it is also crucial for people who want to stop smoking cigarettes to surround themselves with supportive people and focus on strengthening their willpower by setting new goals that they have control over instead of being controlled by cigarette cravings.