Crystal Bracelet, Healing Crystals & Varieties of Jasper Stones

Crystal Bracelet, Healing Crystals & Varieties of Jasper Stones

Around the world, we have seen the emergence of crystal jewellery. Everyone has been opting for crystals and is using them to accessorize themselves or their home or office. As the crystal goes, so do the bracelets go! A crystal is a beautiful and valuable gift that will serve many purposes as it is worn. The bracelet can be worn on its right along with the jewelry, it can also be worn with a special pendant to draw positive energy and bring you the best luck you could desire. A crystal necklace is also a nice gift that the when worn draws positive energy and brings good luck.

Healing Properties of Different Types of Crystals

Some of the most popular crystals used to design these gifts include Jade, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Opal, etc. Each of these stones possesses a unique quality when it comes to being able to enhance your energy and personal well-being. For example, Quartz will help to balance your emotions, mind, body, and spirit. The healing properties of this stone are very strong and the healing powers associated with it are extended to the recipient. The healing qualities of this stone come from the abundance of life energy it symbolizes.

The healing properties of the gemstone turquoise extend to the heart chakra and can help to alleviate feelings of being empty, unattractive, or rejected. When you wear a turquoise necklace or bracelet, this stone helps to balance the emotions of both the sender and the receiver of the gift. The beauty and natural color of this stone help to enhance the recipient's intuition. The healing properties of the gemstone tanzanite balance the negative energies and can bring you a sense of peace and harmony.

Healing Stone Bracelet

The healing bracelet is another one of the many ways you can use crystal to help yourself heal, allowing the wearer to connect to the power of their chakras through the vibrations this stone produces. In addition to the heart chakra, lungs, stomach, blood, liver, wisdom, stomach, eyes, throat, and head chakras, there are also the crown chakra, radiant energy, aura, and mind. Each of these seven chakra crystals is designed to support specific areas of your life. By wearing the healing stone bracelets that contain all of these amazing stones, you can draw the energies of these important centres of power. 

Different Chakra Associated with Crystals

The heart chakra supports love, compassion, tenderness, idealism, self-confidence, motivation, and trust. It is represented by the bright, yellow rose Quartz crystal. A rose Quartz crystal has a soothing effect and is often used in combination with other rose Quartz crystals to promote harmony, happiness, and prosperity. A pink Rose Quartz crystal encourages creativity, intuition, inspiration, and sensitivity. The lungs chakra is associated with air, which gives way to creativity, intuition, self-belief, inspiration, and courage. Another chakra area associated with the lungs is the stomach. By wearing the strong vibrant hues of turquoise, amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, jade, emerald, or the other great colours of turquoise, you will boost your energy levels and be able to attract all the good things that will enrich your life. The other popular healing crystals for the stomach area include amethyst, among others.

About Jasper Stones

Jasper Stone has been used in the United States for many different varieties of applications. The stone has been found in many different countries around the world. Some of these countries include Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, California, etc. One of the main uses of this stone is to make amulets, talismans, and necklaces. These items are usually made of jasper stones. When using this type of jewellery in a spiritual or religious ceremony, it is important that the person who is wearing it has good Feng-Shui practices in place. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having mineral-rich water to go along with the stone.

Various Types of Jasper Stones

Because jasper stones have some of the most amazing healing properties, they are used to treat conditions such as headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia, aches, cramps, dandruff, rashes, skin issues, and many more. Some of these conditions are treated by using the stone in a hot bath. Similarly, rubbing the stone's surface will help increase blood circulation throughout the body. When this happens, energy will enter the cells and will be moved to those areas where needed.

Another type of stone found among the jasper family is the stone with a slight translucency. This kind of stone is known to be the most difficult to deal with due to its translucency. It is also the stone that most consumers prefer because of its hardness. When buying this variety, you must note that not many consumers consider this variety to be the ultimate nurturer.

The most sought-after varieties of jasper include the black ones. These stones are found in Myanmar and Thailand. The stone usually comes with a clear coat of micas, which helps in protecting the stone from its inclusions. While the stone is mainly used for dream recall and protection, it can also bring positive energies during dream recall sessions.

In Conclusion

A major difference between jasper and other types of stones is that it has many inclusions. These inclusions allow it to be sold as certified loose diamonds or uncut rocks. Because it has so many small natural crystals inside it, the stone looks opaque. Some of the inclusions found in green jasper include manganese, sulphur, iron, titanium, and calcium. In addition, the green jasper also contains vanadium, an element that can add shine to clothing and other precious articles.