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Chakra Healing

Chakras are the energy centers of our body through which our bodily energy flows. They are responsible for our physical and spiritual functioning. They absorb and transmit life force energy from the universe, nature and people in the surroundings. From traditional aspect it is believed that there are thousands of chakras in our body but only few of them have very significant roles to play. Unbalanced or blocked chakras cause physical and mental ailments.

Here are some basic information I would like to share about 7 vital chakras in our body that you should know from healing point of view:

1st chakra: Root; if this chakra is unbalanced then possible ailments could be arthritis, leg pain, constipation. This chakra is related to life’s basic necessities like shelter, food, money. A balanced root chakra gives us a sense of connection to physical world. The chakra color is red, black, and brown and recommend stone is garnet, onyx, red jasper. You may also want to eat red foods such as tomatoes, red peppers, beetroot, and strawberries to help unblock root chakra.

2nd chakra: Belly or naval; issues like low libido, bladder issues may occur. The second chakra is related to our ability to express emotions, our creativity, addictions, sexuality, and passion. Here the chakra color is orange and stones line carnelian and orange zincite are beneficial in bringing balance to this chakra. Food habits to keep this chakra from blocking would be carrots, oranges and capsicums, basically orange foods.

3rd chakra: solar plexus; diabetes, stomach issues, ulcers may happen. This one relates to our self-acceptance and self-respect. Yellow is the chakra colour in this case and stones like citrine and yellow sapphire and food items like corns are to be used.

4th chakra: heart; issues in relation with heart area including asthma, lung disease, chest issues and upper back and shoulder problems. This chakra also covers the emotional issues of heart such as anger and love. The primary dolour this heart chakra is green and secondary is pink, hence stones like green tourmaline and rose quartz can be useful. Green leafy food are recommended in this case.

5th chakra: throat; ailments like sore throat, thyroid issue, facial problems. This chakra helps us in expression and communication. Throat chakra color is blue like aqua and so the stones recommended is turquoise and blue lace agate for balancing this chakra.

6th chakra: third eye or brow; nightmares, headaches, concentration issues may occur if this chakra is unbalanced. It aids us in being clear and focused. Indigo or the shades of dark blue are the colors of this chakra so the stones like sodalite and lapis lazuli is good for balancing this chakra.

7th chakra: Crown; this area should be balanced if you want to connect with higher self. This chakra helps us to live mindfully without being rigid in our thoughts. Here the primary color is purple, secondary being white. So the stones useful for balancing this chakra would be amethyst and clear quartz.

You need choose the stone as per your concerned chakra and use them accordingly. But the question bugging most of you would be despite knowing all about chakras, how to use these stones in case of unbalanced chakra. If you are looking for chakra stones, I would recommend you to acquire chakra kits which will already have 7 stones for 7 chakras each for healing the body. You may want to check our collection of chakra kits at “website link for chakra kits” , or you can make your own collection by selecting each one from crystal category at “”