7 Crystals For Sleep That Will Make You Slumber Like a Baby

Best Crystals For Sleep That Will Make You Slumber Like a Baby - Soothing Crystals

Almost everyone has experienced a restless night, where they lay awake in bed for hours on end. Sometimes the cause is an especially stressful day that we just can’t seem to shake off our minds. Often it's because of something more troubling like health problems or breakups.

To lull your mind back into peace for some restful sleep again, healing crystals for sleep are what many people turn to as their solution. Let us help guide you through which crystal will be best suited for helping ease these worries away!


The calming blue energy of Angelite brings a sense of inner peace and serenity to the user. It is also known as The Stone of Awareness, which allows for love, angelic connection, astral traveling, and more.

Placing this stone near your bed while sleeping can ease common worries such as anxiety or worry by bringing you closer to yourself in an almost meditative state. It will prevent all other negative thoughts from reaching your mind.

Your mind goes straight into deep sleep without having any interruptions from anxieties. Otherwise, they have been there taking up space inside your head because they're not being dealt with properly.


Why not sleep with a Howlite Crystal to help you get the restful night's sleep that your body requires? If you are looking for crystals to help you sleep and get rid of stress, this is it. Along with its calming appearance, the positive vibe and high-frequency energy vibration create a calm ambiance in your bed-chamber.

Placing it under your pillow, or anywhere else in the bedroom can give any sufferer of insomnia an endurable bedtime experience. With its ability to alleviate stress and aid against anxiety, this is one gemstone worth considering!


This stone is famous for its high-frequency vibration that brings a sense of peace and calm. Moreover, this crystal is believed to drive away negative energy from its surroundings.

This natural stone has been used for decades by many cultures in meditations because of its mystical healing properties. With an attractive ethereal appearance, this calming rock can be found in the bedrooms or meditation rooms. It brings about great feelings within anyone who comes into contact with it!


Lepidolite is considered to be a stone that brings balance and harmony in all areas of life, including sleep. The mineral lithium helps with mood swings as well as depression. And makes it an excellent choice for people who are struggling with insomnia or other forms of restlessness. 

Lepidolite also strengthens the Third Eye Chakra which many believe affects everything involving dreams and how one sleeps throughout the night. This chakra has been associated with regulating sleeping patterns while improving clarity during waking hours.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz minerals are crystals for anxiety and sleep. It helps you to absorb loving and healing energy to sleep soundly. 

Rose Quartz - best quality crystal - Soothing Crystals

If it's difficult for you to find peace during your daily life. But a piece of pink rose quartz can offer you this. If you don’t prefer sleeping with crystals under your pillow, start wearing a rose quartz bracelet. When night falls, all of those worries will be gone because they've been absorbed by this calming stone!


Perhaps you have been looking for a good way to sleep better. Amethyst Crystals, made from quartz with strong amplification properties, can broadcast calming messages that will give the user an experience of soothing and calm so they may achieve their goal.

If you often find yourself waking up in the middle of your slumber then you need to be cautious about placing the crystal. Amethyst works perfectly if placed near bedside tables but too close could disrupt light sleeping patterns.

How to Make Best Use of the Crystals for Sleep

Picking the right crystals sometimes won’t make you feel calm and sleepy. Are you wondering why? Well, you need to use them properly while placing them in the right place. Here are some tips from the leading healing stone experts that will enhance the power of your crystals for dreams.

  • To get the most from your crystals, you should only use one at a time. Doing otherwise can be too overwhelming for some people and keep them awake well into their next day's work.
  • Putting crystals near where we sleep helps us heal faster. Besides, it offers protection against negative energy from those around us that can sometimes take a toll on our health.
  • Wearing crystals during the day will help regulate your energy levels. This leads to you feeling more relaxed and confident, which can lead to a better night's sleep!
  • The stones are said to absorb negativity, so they must be cleaned periodically.
  • To achieve a peaceful night’s sleep, place your stones on the bed while you meditate. This will help to keep your body, mind, and soul calm throughout the evening for a restful slumber.

Avoid These Crystals in the Bedroom

Crystals such as turquoise and moldavite can be overstimulating to sleep within the bedroom. These crystals should not be kept next to your bed if you have a sensitive nature, or share with someone else who may react negatively towards them.

Explore their receptivity before adding anything into the bedroom. Otherwise, they could produce undesirable results.

Final Words

Placing crystals for sleep in your room, wearing them on your body, or keeping them under the mattress may support a good night’s sleep. Some people even believe that they can heal an illness if placed over the right area of pain.

While there is no scientific evidence to validate this claim, some proponents say it's worth giving these unusual natural remedies a try. You can try them for insomnia and anxiety without risk since one will never know whether they work unless attempted first-hand!