Dowsing Crystal Pendulum

Dowsing Crystal Pendulum

The Dowsing Crystal and the other related pendulum items are used in a vast variety of divination, palmistry, crystal healing, and other psychic fields. This is a gift to give oneself and/or loved ones for the joy of accuracy and the well-being of all mankind. The Dowsing Crystal Pendulum and other items are tools and they must be used with the utmost care.

Dowsing Crystal Pendulum - Description & Working

The Dowsing Crystal consists of a string or a chain attached to the crystal. By dangling the pendulum from the handle, it will randomly begin to vibrate and this is the basis for the divination. The person using the pendulum will receive visions and insights into various aspects of life and the Universe.

Some of the most popular uses for the dowsing pendulum include Tarot readings, healing and spiritual development, dream interpretation, and Tarot predictions. The dowsing crystal is also known as the sailor's compass or the lucky three-stone talisman because the vibrations that it emits allow the individual to see what lies at various locations across the sea. The stones, depending on which one is being matched, will vibrate at different frequencies. The person using the crystal pendulum will be able to tune into the frequencies of the stones and this will, in turn, allow them to make predictions about specific future events.

How to use Dowsing Crystal Pendulum?

When the dowsing crystal pendulum is held between the index and middle finger of either hand, it will produce a sound that many people are familiar with - chime. Some practitioners believe that holding the crystal between their thumb and middle finger is much more effective than placing it between the index and middle finger because the ear canal will allow easier hearing of the sound. The dowsing crystal can be tuned by slowly swinging the pendulum.

Sodalite Faceted Cone Pendulum Healing Dowsing Crystal Pendulum

Uses of Dowsing Crystal Pendulum

Many people use the dowsing crystal pendulum to help them to concentrate on a particular area in their life, such as healing a sick loved one. By focusing and concentrating on an issue, it will enable the healer to connect to their higher self and communicate their message to the individual. Using the dowsing tool will also enable you to tune in to the energy of the room you are in, as well as the individuals within it. This will allow you to better understand the problems that your fellow human beings are facing. Dowsing crystal pendulum can be used for many purposes. It has been utilized for centuries in the Feng Shui practice of placement of furniture and other items in rooms and homes. 

Using this pendulum is very simple and easy to learn. You will find that once you become familiar with the various shapes and sizes of the crystal balls, you can begin using them to focus and sense the energy in your surroundings, this process is quite effortless.

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