5 Healing Crystals That You Should Have In Your Home!

Healing Crystals That You Should Have In Your Home - Soothing Crystals

Crystals have been a part of spiritual and health-related rituals for a long time now. However, only recently have they become the talk of the town, with everyone from the average joe to celebrities adopting healing crystals into their life. From bras, bedrooms, parks to skincare, you can find these crystals and stones everywhere. Now before you dive into the sparkly geode pool of woo-woo wellness and buy yourself a healing crystal kit, you should know the basics. 

It will help you choose the best possible option when it comes to buying healing crystals online. We here at Soothing Crystals are experts in providing people with healing crystals and kits that cater to their needs. So we thought we should let you know how you can choose healing crystals yourself, plus five healing crystals you should have as your starter pack to healing crystals. 

Now, you may think that healing crystals are beautiful, light-catching. While that all may be true, but the real value they provide isn't aesthetics but their purported healing powers. The Time in an article questioned the power of healing crystals, and while there is a lacking of evidence to support these powers, they can have a real placebo effect. Celebrities like the Hadids and the Olsens swear by the healing powers of these crystals, and maybe they are boosting your workout, cleansing your energy, and even giving you more of it. 

Healing crystals are believed to be working in tandem with the chakras or energy centers in the human body. There are seven chakras in the body, and each aligns with different organs and physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness. Now, there is a wide range of healing crystals, with each having other relationships. Each affects your chakras differently. With every crystal having unique energy and healing powers, finding the right ones for you can be a bit daunting. So we thought we should make a list of healing crystals you can buy online as your starter kit so let's check them out!

Selenite: liquid light

Selenite is used in energy-healing lamps since Askinosie refers to it as "liquid light." It's known for its ability to raise your vibrations because low vibrations supposedly attract negativity and stave off feelings like fear, anger, and anxiety. Selenite is known for flowing through your space. It brightens the energy of everyone and everything within it. It shifts your aura and energetic vibration to attune you with higher energy. 

Amethyst: The Intuitive Eye

Amethyst is an ultraviolet crystal as being "the intuitive eye," and it feels like a spa day in a stone. Many find this healing crystal ubiquitous because it's known for promoting sleep-enhancing, relaxing energy along with its ability to work with your third eye. So it's perfect if you want to balance the mind with insightful solutions to problems. 

Clear Quartz: Crystal Nootropic

The Clear Quartz is known as "a rock star among crystals." It is commonly known as a universal healer since it links to all seven of your chakras. It is known as a healing crystal that brings clarity to shadows within the mind. Clear Quartz is also known to elevate thoughts and perspective, helping to manifest your intentions. You can think of it as the nootropic of the healing crystal world. 

Rose Quartz: The Love Magnet

The Rose Quartz is a favorite amongst celebrities and millennial-pink lovers alike. Odds are you had admired Rose Quartz before you even had any knowledge about the healing crystal world. The allure behind Rose Quartz is that it promotes the ability to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. Miranda Kerr swears by its ability to open up your heart chakra and facilitating all types of love. It promotes self-love, familial love, friendship love, and romantic love, things we all need more of in our life. 

Pyrite: The Reflector

Pyrite - healing crystals for sale - Soothing Crystals

Pyrite is a metaphysical treasure. Its glittery, shimmery, Pyrite is widely known as a crystal that attracts wealth, abundance, and good luck along with possessing strong protective energy. It has a glassy look that is mirrored by its energy and healing powers while also showing you which of your behaviors are holding you back. Pyrite is also known to elevate your consciousness to be more aware of what you need to change to vibrate with the intention of abundance.

Find The Best Place To Buy Healing Crystals Online

So there you go; those are the five healing crystals that you should include in your healing crystals starter kit. However, this is not a set starter kit, and you can interchange them with other healing crystals that you will find online. The crystals you choose to buy depends on what you need in your life right now. So make sure you understand your needs and check out healing crystals for sale online. If you are looking to buy healing crystals online, then we can help you out. 

Soothing Crystals specialize in providing healing crystals that tend to your wellness, so if you are looking for some, then feel free to get in touch with us, and we will help you out. Also, if you have any queries regarding healing crystals and their properties, then drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will give you all the answers you need. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!