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Soothing Crystals

Crystal Quartz Geometry Set (Channeling and Manifesting)

Crystal Quartz Geometry Set (Channeling and Manifesting)

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👌💖Customer Review : freaking beautiful crystals ! The shipping was super fast, it’s superb clear quartz. I love the inclusions.👌💖

🙌Choose from dropdown the following combinations to create a powerful crystal grid or display:

💎 Set 1 : 7pcs of Solids, Pouch, Info Cards
💎 Set 2 : 7pcs of Solids, Pouch, Info Cards + 6" Wooden Grid Plate🙌

◾ Zodiac : Pisces

◾ Chakra : Crown

💎Size of Platonic Solids : 15-20mm approximately.
💎Made from high-quality crystal quartz crystals.
💎Each shape is carefully crafted to showcase the natural beauty of crystal quartz
💎7 unique geometric shapes include :

1. Tetrahedron (4 triangular faces - representing the Fire Element),
2. Cube or Hexahedron (6 square faces - representing the Earth Element),
3. Octahedron (8 triangular faces - representing the Air Element),
4. Icosahedron (20 triangular faces - representing the Water Element), and
5. Dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces -representing the Ether/Aether or Universe Element).
6. Merkaba (Tetrahedron - intersection of 2 - 3-sided pyramids).
7. Sphere

• Plato defined the Platonic Solids over 2300 years ago (427-347BC)..
• Platonic Solids are all of the three-dimensional solid shapes that you can create using faces that are identical regular polygons.

🔷Crystal quartz is known for its healing properties and ability to amplify energy
🔷Each shape has its own unique properties and can be used for different purposes, such as enhancing creativity, promoting relaxation, or improving focus
🔷The set is perfect for those who want to incorporate the power of crystals into their daily life or spiritual practice
🔷Makes a great gift for anyone interested in crystals or spirituality

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