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Uncut Raw Emerald Crystal Chip Beads for Necklace (Intuition and Power)

Uncut Raw Emerald Crystal Chip Beads for Necklace (Intuition and Power)

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👌💖Introducing an exquisite, 32 inches necklace made with beautiful raw emerald uncut chips that are absolutely mesmerizing! These particular emerald crystal chip beads have been specially chosen for their superior quality and stunning clarity. In sizes ranging from 2-4mm, this necklace is a statement piece that will be sure to make heads turn.👌💖

◾ Zodiac : Gemini
◾ Chakra : Heart

💎Strand Length: 32 inches long
💎The shimmer of these emerald uncut chip beads is unparalleled; the way each bead catches the light and reflects it back with a sparkle is amazing.
💎As you look closer, you can see the vast range of striking tones that this necklace has.
💎Each chip varies from a warm olive shade to olive green, with highlights of bright yellow.

🔷Emeralds have been thought to hold healing properties and can aid in opening up loving energy through a chakra cleanse.
🔷This beautiful and powerful necklace is made more special when worn, as it is a reminder to stay connected with that love and purity that lies within.
🔷Because of its diverse and unique color variations, this necklace is perfect for any occasion, whether a special night out or just every day wear.
🔷With its 32 inches length and sparkle, be ready to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.
🔷Don't miss out on your chance to own this magnificent Emerald Uncut Chip Beads necklace!
🔷Buy now before it's gone

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