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Red Tiger Eye Tumbled Crystals (Self Discovery and Self-Discipline)

Red Tiger Eye Tumbled Crystals (Self Discovery and Self-Discipline)

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👌💖This Red Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone A Grade is perfect for any creative soul searching for a boost of energy and positivity. It is a captivating crystal with an intense energy that carries a powerful vibration of personal empowerment, creativity and motivation. This medium-sized tumbled stone radiates a natural deep scarlet red color rare to its kind.👌💖

◾ Zodiac : Gemini
◾ Chakra : Root, Sacral,

💎Polished Red Tiger Eye gemstones
💎Size : 18-25mm
💎Quantity : 1Pc, 2Pcs, 3Pcs, 5Pcs, 10Pcs
💎The Red Tiger Eye stone's properties will help to further balance and intensify physical vitality, strength and willpower.
💎It can help to sharpen our mental focus and ability to make decisions and take action.
💎This stone helps open the Third Eye chakra and connect us to the universal wisdom and spiritual guidance within.
💎It also encourages us to act on new ideas and put plans into action.

🔷This Red Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone A Grade is the perfect reminder to be brave and stand in your power, it won't let you down.
🔷Discover all the amazing benefits this crystal can bring to your life today.
🔷With its vibrant energy, you can use this stone to focus your intention and manifest your dreams into reality.
🔷Add this Red Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone A Grade to your meditation practice, your spiritual altar or crystal grid, your carrying amulet or pocket stone, or even to your home décor.
🔷This Crystal will bring balance and harmony to all of your endeavors.

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